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"Understanding Death"

Content from Thought for Today

Understanding Death

What is death and should we fear it? I would like for us to take a Scriptural look at death and what is it exactly.

In simple terms "death" is nothing more than the absence of life. At the moment of death our bodies are identical to that of being alive but the "breath" of God leaves all people at death to return to the Lord. His Breath is what transformed Adam from a pile of dirt and clay into a living person. The Scriptures are very clear that this Breath (some people mistakenly think of it as a soul) returns to God from where it originally came. All of the Scriptures will follow this same pattern of God to speaking the Word to all of Creation coming from the Word to all of Creation returning reconciled to the Word and then the Word being reconciled again to God.

Death is actually a state of existence. It is written in the Scriptures that even though we are alive we "are corpses because of sin." This is why it is written there are none righteous or even any that seek after God or His righteousness. So for all of you 101 Million or so "Born Again" believers, the very fact that not only can you do nothing to be or to realize salvation, you are dead in sin and incapable of coming to God in this state we are all in. Everyone conceived is dead and must physically die. Thus, the 20th Chapter of Revelation cannot occur until all people have died. Take a look at this verse:

Heb 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

The word translated "it is appointed" comes from a Greek word that means to be reserved, awaiting or designed "to die." The last word of the sentence is where most Christians tend to either jump for joy thinking the lost go to hell. Yes, most Christians will fight you when they are told even Saddam is going to be saved! The last word translated 'judgment" comes from a Greek word that means "tribunal which tells the listener justice will be delivered. Most English translations being heavily influenced by Roman Decrees and Pagan Religions of the 3-5th Centuries run off the deep end to make this word to mean damnation.

So let's go to the point in Revelation 20 where everyone has died fulfilling the "ashes to ashes" requirement of God. Then the Resurrection occurs. The Resurrection is for everyone to arise from the dead and transformed into eternal life. Here are some very specific points that few if ANY Churches understand much less teach:

1- No one goes to heaven when they die. All people at death will go into the earth to sleep awaiting the Resurrection of the Dead.
2- When the Resurrection occurs we will all be changed from dead, mortal, corrupted and sinful to perfection of immortal and incorruptible. In fact not only will we all be changed and made new as the old passes away BUT all people will know and understand the Truth.
3- In newness of life we will all stand before the Throne of God (Tribunal" to be judged "out of the Books." The Books are the Word of God which we at the point of the Resurrection have ALL been perfectly reconciled unto Jesus Christ as Lord and the Book of Life. The Book of Life IS NOT a recording of when you got saved which is TOTALLY unscriptural but is a recording of God's Breath given at conception.
4- Now is the fulfilling of the Old and New Testaments whereby every person ever conceived will bow and confess unto salvation which is Lord.

So death is nothing but a shadow. Itís not real as it has been taught by the church. We are all even though still breathing we were and have been dead since our conception. So the only think alive in us is the Breath of God that is there in our dirt, chemicals and water for a short time we call life. As David wrote in Psalms, "YEA!!!! though I walk through the Shadow of Death I will fear no evil for Thou rod and staff they comfort me." Don't be afraid of the shadows they are not real but merely the very temporary absence of Light.

We will all take our last breath and I am so looking forward to it!!!! I love you all but I am jumping for joy knowing I don't have a clue of the wonderful things God has in store for us. I will take my last breath falling asleep. When I awake I will find I have a wonderful new body without sin or corruption that lasts forever. I will see my Lord!!! I will know perfectly that all things including me have been reconciled to God perfectly. And if that is not enough God will show us a New Heaven and a New Earth where we will live forever with Him. We will no longer know little to nothing but we will know in full including the wonders of God's Perfect Love for us!

SO BRING ON DEATH I can't wait to go where no person has gone before! That's what God has in store for us well beyond our imaginations.

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