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"Your Testimony"

Content from Thought for Today

Your Testimony
Jesus takes away the sins of the whole world but the lost you claim are in sin forever.......

Jesus came to save the world but you claim most of the world will never be saved.....

Jesus came to save that which was lost but you claim Jesus failed miserably.....

God promises to make an end of all sins and even the effect of sin's prior existence but you claim the lost are condemned by sin forever.....

Jesus and God both promised everlasting reconciliation of all things perfectly unto Him but you claim only saved Christians will be reconciled not the lost.....

In Adam all were made sinners in Christ Jesus all will be made whole but you claim that is not correct since the lost remain sinners.....

God's Word states all things will be made whole and new perfectly in Him but you claim that will not happen.....

God says He will bring about everlasting peace and finish the transgressions of creation but you state the transgressions will remain forever.....

God states that all people great and small will stand before Him as every knee bows and confesses He is Lord but you demand the lost will only be the possession of the devil never coming to the Lord....

Why is it SOOOOOOOO hard for Christians to see that their testimony is often wrapped and warped by paganism and false beliefs. Turn to God and His Word for He is returning soon to find most Christians have buried their talents in the sand of lies and false traditions.

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